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Casey Chel
Good gift

I sent one to my girlfriend,she is always stay in home alone, she liked it so much, and she said that it was exactly what she needed, the price is reasonable and the packaging is small, and it was easy to carry it in the bag. recommend!

Cape guitarist
Finds all listening devices cheap!!

Works great must have allelectrical things shut before you use it. Found a microphone in my man cave. The wife left it, put a speak by it so all she hears id music!!!

Leslye Campbell
Very good device.

The product is good, the size of the product is fantastic (portable and slim). The only challenge I have is the manual, the characters are extremely too small, not also explanatory enough. The diagramitc presentation is though helpful, but more illustration is required.

Clare W.
Should feel surprised

Detecting the wireless device is very sensitive, quickly helped me find the wireless tracker on the car, I am very satisfied, this is completely in line with me.

Jashawn Riley
Super detector

It's very sensitive Our neighbor has a GPS and Speed tracker mounted under the seat of his car. The Detector found it immediately upon the car starting.

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