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Great for Multiple cases of lice, but priced high for one or two cases.

Great for killing adult lice but only okay at getting the nits. I teach in a rural public school with no access to a school nurse I started using this to combat a lice problem it was effective at killing the adult bugs and getting some of the nits.If you combine this a fine tooth nit comb you will get most of the lice. I would recommend this for large families or if you plan on treating multiple cases of lice. If you only have one or two cases just use a fine tooth comb twice a week for three weeks and save your money.

Ashly D.
Life saver!

With two little girls in the house (3yo&8yo) this thing is a must have! Totally worth the price! I had been using a regular rid metal lice comb after finding a few nits in my daughter's hair. They hate it, it pulls and rips their hair out, takes hours to finish. Twice I thought I had got them all but was left feeling like they were still everywhere! I imagined them falling on the floor and having to restart the process over. I found this comb on here and decided to go for it, one day shipping because I couldn't wait. It arrived and I immediately got to work.
It was easy to assemble and get started. It didn't pull my daughter's hair out, making the process way less stressful and tearful. I got it done in less than half the time it was taking with the regular comb! It also picked quite a few nits that I had missed the day before, including a recently hatched very tiny lice.

Kathleen OConnor
Give it try

One of the first items that has consistently worked in my daughter long, thick hair. The company's customer service is beyond amazing. Give it try.....what do you have to lose?! except for lice

Jennifer Hartman
Mommy Must Have!!!

OMG!! I have been fighting a battle with lice and my daughter for 2 months. Hundreds of dollars in chemicals, natural remedies, zappers and nothing worked. After looking this up I was worried about the cost and I was afraid that it would just be another wasted effort. But I have never been so happy in my life. This product is amazing. I think I might finally being getting some where. Would recommend to ever mommy out there with daughters. So worth it.

Cassandra Ann Davis
Love it!

Very simple to use.

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