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Roberto A
A must have for any age!

Incredible! Simply amazing!! I have this for my 7 years old this year for Christmas and loves it! The size and power is perfect for a heavy ground. We have it taken off the road through grass fields, empty parking lots, jumps inclined medium braking portions of the empty house with mounds of dirt, puddles of water, and large piles of dirt. It is very easy to use so you do not care about an early age not being able to maneuver the speed of the truck has! Battery life is perfect and with two batteries that can have the least an hour of runtime. I will say that he has received some severe blows, blows, pulls, and has remained through it. Overall, a fun and exciting race this truck around.

Asa K.
My nephew loved it! To my nephew I loved it!

I bought this car for my nephew and let me say, I never write reviews. He loves this thing. It was so great to see her face light up from the moment I laid eyes on the bag when on the road. Before I opened, we charge up to two batteries. They took a few hours each to load, but the obtained least 30 minutes of driving time with each battery. The remote control has a lot of settings. He is 9 years old and a fan of RC car. Within minutes, he was driving that thing like a professional and adjust settings on the fly function of the field. It is fast and can take a fall. And grips the road. sharp turns at full speed and even rock. The independent suspension the oil crisis is incredible. Simply great car for the price. Definitely worth it.

James & Jeannette
Great car at an incredible price

I bought this for my 8 year old son for Christmas. I only regret not buying two of them! The car is more than fast enough and can handle very well. With solid metal shafts, it can take anything can serve out. Have two batteries, actually it extends your playing time with.

Quick. Durable. fast shipping.

This car is fast. Super tough. My son has had several different cars and this is by far the best. 4WD works very well, and the remote has an excellent range. I also like that it comes with extra parts, and also the ability to fix and replace anything that can break is a plus. Overall very happy with the purchase. Long battery life and extra battery that came with marks no wait between charges. I recommend.

The best RC car ever! Best RC car ever!

This RC car is very fast. It moves very well. The battery lasts about 30 minutes, which is good, and there are two batteries. Batteries have 1.5 hours charge. Mi Got grandson for Christmas. Is 4WD. He loves driving in small circles. He climbs steep hills off the road and passes through piles of leaves. It is fast in the grass. This was a fabulous Christmas present. Also looks good paint job. Win win.

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