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Harlan Henry
Best bargain versus high end units.

Perfect pairing with Samsung Galaxy, holds connection even in multiple unit computer room with lots of interference.

T4 Vortechs are amazing

Got my T4 Vortechs today, charged up, hit the gym with them. They feel amazing, improved head band fits well, sound is crystal clear and awesome, feel like your the only one in the room due to noise cancelling. To top it off, they look sweet too. Cool little pouch to carry and protect them also is a added inventive. I will continue to upgrade my Vortechs as generations continue, SWEET HEADPHONES!!

Mohamed K.
The T4 Superior Version is amazing. Amazing customer support from Vortech.

Let me start off by saying if you want these for music, then they are great. Good build quality, great audio quality. Unfortunately, when I connected the headphones via Bluetooth (to my phone, computer or table), the audio sync was off. This was a deal breaker for me. Had to return them. But again, if you are using these for only music they are great headphones at a great price point. I also purchased a set of T2's that sync up just fine so I know it's the headphones not the devices.

UPDATE 8/2/2017: I was contacted by support and they told me the headphones I got were a old batch that had sync issues. They sent me the T4 Superior Version which has no issue at all. Perfect sync. Great for music and videos now.

One of the best sounding Noise Cancelling headphones on the market and they are on sale!

Sound quality. Right out of the box, the Vortech T4s sounded great, but after burning them in, the sound got much better. The bass hits clean and strong, though it in no-way dominates over anything, and mids and highs come through very clear and balanced. The sound stage is pretty wide from my experience, and given its noise canceling, makes you feel right in front of the music with nothing else there.

Noise Canceling. At low to mid volumes, most (if not all) ambient noise is blocked out, as well as any conversation. At higher volumes, you feel like you’ve traveled to a space where there is only the music that is pumping through your headphones and yourself present; it’s really a relaxing, yet thrilling feeling. It truly feels like utilizing a cutting edge technology in the music industry

Excellent and well balanced. If you're looking for headphones that just amplify the lows and the highs, these are not for you. If you want solid lows, crisp highs and a pronounced mid-range then look no further. These headphones play the music as-is and let you control any equalization you feel is necessary for your best listening experience.

AMAZING! Just buy them and actually sleep on your next flight. I actually purchased these to us on airline flights and outdoor work around the house. Though it says not voice cancelling but noise cancelling, it does voices to some extent as well. I had the headphones on and the noise cancelling turned on but nothing else. Silence. Someone came up to me and started talking and didn't even hear her. If people are REALLY loud, then it'll come through barely and muffled. And if you've got music on as well, then voices are gone. Vortech quality once again rules. Blown away by their noise cancelling ability and the sound. Magnificent sound. Normally I don't like over the ears headphones but absolutely love these. Most comfortable over the ear headphones I've ever tried.

You will definitely be thrilled own this pair of headphones and will enjoy them for years. Don’t hesitate to purchase them.

Bluetooth is slow connecting

Sound is good for price. Build quality is good as well but takes forever to connect Bluetooth with a Samsung S8..update to this review....

Vortech definitely takes care of their customers..I had a Bluetooth issue with my T4s and they corrected the issue with days with no hesitations..I would 100% recommend Vortech products good quality...The UFO's are one of the best headphones out

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