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John Strong

it was immediately put to use and has made my shoots better, works well and is easy to use and comfortable

Great for shooting on the fly.

I purchased this because I like to have two cameras with my kit. One for up close to mid range, and one for telephoto capabilities. This gives me the flexibility to hike, and have both cameras at the ready.
This kit provides some safety harnesses, you MUST use these! The one complaint is the piece that screws into the tripod attachment, can work it's way loose. I had my 5D, with a 400mm Canon Prime Lens, and a 2x III extender on my hip location. The connector had worked it's way loose, and the camera fell like a rock...but was caught by the safety strap. I lost my breath for a moment, but it worked and my camera is safe!
I recommend this option, just be sure to screw in the connectors tightly, and use the safety straps!

J.A. Kunzler
Comfortable product for carrying a camera but...

Rather happy I got for my birthday a camera harness, but wish the directions were a bit more specific - like what to do about the extra handstrap that came with the package. Do appreciate the extra bag that the harness came with to help with packing.

Will recommend the product to other photographers!

Skeptical- but used it on a shoot for 3 hours and difference was amazing

Have tried many options to make carrying DSLR camera and heavy lens. This fitted easily, the camera attachment was very secure and was easy to release. Far less fatigue. Will probably set up the second camera holder next time. Only improvement would be a better way to attach safety strap to camera.

Extra support

Made for bigger people so somewhat uncomfortable yet does the job

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