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Nice design!

 I love the design of the dash cam the most because it is very thin and it has a big screen.  The aluminum frame of the body as well as the pattern on the front have a very nice feel of touch. The buttons on the right are easy to operate. The value of the dash cam makes it very competitive to its competitors. It comes with a rear cam at a good price while most other dash cams don’t.

Ri C
Nice size camera

This is a very easy to install and to use camera. I liked it links automatically to the power in the car. The size of the screen is convenient, not to big and good enough to see around.

Need to remove protective film to avoid glare

I've read review that people have mentioned that the night vision was horrible. When I first tried out, I had the same issue even after adjusting the setting. I would get this glare during night vision causing a super nova effect. Then I realized there was a clear protected film that covered the screen. I think a lot of people didn't realize this like I did. After removing that clear film, I have no issue with the camera quality. Everything works great now.
I wanted to post my review to let other know to make sure to remove the film.

great video quality . large lcd screen. easy to install

i recently hit someone,s car when he make an illegal u turn. it wasnt major but i decided to purchase a dash cam. this dash cam is at a good price its fairly easy to install. the whole setup only took me 5 mins. the picture quality is great and i really like the fuctions. now i dont need to worry about getting into accidents and when it wasnt my fault.

Really Nice Camera


- very good video quality particularly the front facing dash camera. Rear Camera is not bad but, like so many rear facing cameras I've had, it gets overwhelmed by car headlights at night.
- can simultaneously record front and back while you are driving
- g -sensor works well. When I close the door or tailgate on my truck, the camera will wake up and record. So, if someone bumps my truck, it will do the same.

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