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Great Camera for a Great Price!

Great baby monitor camera. High resolution. Baby crying detection and motion detection works. Super easy to set up. I love this!

Greatly Satisfied Foster Parents

My wife and I got some other IOT cameras at our local outlet store for around $25-$30. We wanted more but the price would have been near double for new cameras so we decided to get a second set from a different brand. These cameras are BETTER at $25 than the others we bought. Let me start with the features I use.

Motion/Sound Detection Recording:
We needed a camera for some bed time accountability. The camera is great because it will take a snippet of video when it detects motion. You can set a schedule for when the camera should record these snippets depending on time of day and which days of the week. It also has a sound detection but I haven't used that much.

Night Vision:
The night vision is pretty good. All people in the house are easily recognizable with this camera in night mode.

Motion Tracking:
I'd give this feature 4 stars. It works great if the camera is placed in a room as opposed to the hall. I was hoping to use this in my hall to track when people move there but if the individual is too close to the camera, they'll move too fast and the camera cannot keep up the tracking. It also doesn't track faces so you sometimes get interesting angles as the tracked person moves.
That being said, the camera works great tracking people in a room. I even think that if it doesn't track anyone for a short while, it returns to the default position instead of staying where it was. This is a preference thing but it's good for my house.

The App:
The video watching interface is pretty intuitive. You can easily look at old footage by scrolling back. The alerts are also easy to setup. One tip though, you need to leave the app 'open' in order to get alerts. Both my wife and I have noticed that if you manually close the app, you won't get notifications. Maybe it's a permissions thing, but you need to leave it running in the background. Also, the picture in picture feature is awesome for multi-tasking.

This camera is amazing, especially for the price. I put in a fat micro SD card to keep a lot of recordings. I haven't used the cloud service so I can't speak to that but if that's your thing, it's great that it is a feature.

A. Broussard
Good budget camera

Simple camera. Works as advertised. App controls aren’t the most user friendly, but not overly difficult either. Would recommend and buy again.

Robert L
A Camera w/ Night Vision & Motion Detection for Under $70!

Honestly I didn't expect much from this camera. It was on sale for $60. You spend more than that in the drive thru at McDonald's for four people.

On to the review....

The camera picture has standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). Both look amazing and stream locally and while away from your home network. The night vision also works great - in a completely dark room, you can see everything!

You can hear audio through the phone app/speaker. You can also talk through the phone app which is a nice feature. There is a slight delay but only a second or two.

The camera is able to rotate left and right about 180 degrees. It's also able to rotate up and down but currently I have mine sitting on a table and when I rotate it up, the camera rotates up into the frame and blocks the camera. If you mount it, it might be different.

The phone app is decent, has basic functionality unlocked, but it does push advertisements to a paid cloud service.

Patrick S.
Awesome Camera!!!

I wasn't expecting much when i purchased the cameras since it was very affordable. Right when i opened the box, I was impressed by the quality of the cameras. It was very easy to set up. Can't imagine not having these cameras in my home. It gives me peace of mind that I can check on my family anytime I wish and know they are safe. So glad I bought it. Highly recommended!!!

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