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Surprise!! It REALLY works!!

I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this laser but I have used it to remove age spots. I continue to use the second to lowest setting just due to the fact that it is hard to cause yourself pain without jerking it away. Overall I am happy with this product. Cost me thousands less that what the dermatologist wanted!!

Works for tatoos.

Works really well for tattoo removal. It may take a few more treatments but start with the lower settings. It's worth it to keep from burning your skin. Instructions aren't the greatest but with a little playing around with it, it's pretty simple. Price of this little Gadget is cheaper than one tattoo removal session. I'm satisfied.

Mediocre and or intermediate experience a plus :)

Read from another manual that it may work with different types of ink “colors” as each color has a different type of mineral or metallic difference to them so to speak. I tried it and luckily I used it correctly however I am skeptical about doing other sessions just due to not knowing the “metals” or minerals that have been used depending on various tattoo artists and their level of quality ink.

Michael Whisler
Great price

This has been working great. I have my exwives name tattooed on my ring finger and it's been 2 secessions and I think 2 maybe 3 more and it will be completely gone

Works great if you do it correctly

This works great. Yes it does hurt worse than getting a tattoo. If you do it correctly you may blister. Take care of it and it will heal. I did 1 session on 9 freq and 4 intensity. The big spot I did is ink free after 1 time. Just allow it to heal before doing anymore.

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