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Amazing for congested skin from mask wearing!

Face mask wearing game changer! With heat, humidity, sweat, and now face face has been a complete mess lately! I’ve tried a million products it feels like. Nothing was really working. My face still felt congested. I ordered this two days ago because...well, I was willing to try anything. It arrived this morning. I steamed my face and was ready to try. It’s incredibly powerful, so I did give myself a hickey almost instantly. User error! But after, I watched all the gunk leaving my skin. It was gross! But so satisfying!
For the first time in weeks, my skin feels like it can breathe. It actually feels soft. I’m sold on this item. Completely sold. I followed it up with a serum and a toner. I never want to be without this product! Put it in your cart right now and buy it!

It works terrifically.

I had this product for about a week now , and so far there has been a lot of improvements that have been happening on my face. At first, I was skeptical about this product because I saw them advertised on social media; however, when I was finally convinced to buy the product, the results were amazing! I am truly happy with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone.

I will note: it is crucial to apply some form of moisturizer after use because it may cause breakouts. I recommend to read the information pamphlet before using the product as it will likely save you from any trouble. Otherwise, the product works terrifically.

Results you can see

Works well, make sure to not use around sensitive areas like sides of mouth and eyes, as I had I 3 small skin discolorations, most likely because I had it on to long in one spot or suctioning setting too high. saw a difference the first day, took out a lot of impurity’s. Highly recommended. Start at lowest suction and work your way up!

You get exactly what you mean to order

Easy to use, three clear settings and attachments that are self explanatory (even though it comes with instructions). It also came fully charged.

The suction is powerful so I prefer to keep it on low settings but experimented with all. The attachments all serve their specific purposes. Got exactly what I ordered


I ordered this after I saw it in a video. It does exactly what it says it does. Very powerful suction, I recommend starting with the lowest power and working your way up. Don’t hold it in one spot for too long or it could leave a red mark. Battery life Is good. Comes with extra filters and different tips for different parts of face. Tips come off for easy cleaning. Or I will use a cotton swab to clean it out while I’m using it.

Overall I am happy with the purchase!

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