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Allen T. Mercer
My First Drone (F22) - Extremely Happy

I purchased the folding model
This is my first drone so I don’t have much to compare it to. I was initially looking for a drone with three specific features:
1) Cheap – I don’t want to be afraid to use it. I also don’t want to feel bad about buying it if I never have time to use it.
2) Small – It has to easily fit into my big fanny pack or backpack. Otherwise, I will never bring it anywhere with me.
3) Light – I hate having a lot of weight on me when I hike.
This drone met all three of these criteria.

As I continued reading reviews and watching YouTube videos, I added three more criteria:
1) Good Camera – Most of the drones with 1080p cameras have horrible video quality. This one was the best that I could find.
2) Adjustable camera – How do you get the shots that you want if the camera is always pointing in the same direction, you can’t. The camera on this drone can move up and down.
3) SD Card – Many of the cheap drones record video on you phone, through the WiFi connection. Any lag or interference causes shuddering in the video. I just couldn’t have that. This drone has an SD card so the video is perfect. The video that was recorded to my phone with this drone was also actually perfect. There was no stuttering, but I don’t want to take chances.

Setup was pretty easy, just watch videos and read the instructions. I’ve flown for about an hour now and I’m being very cautious. I was flying in an area with weak GPS coverage (even my Garmin was having issues) and the return to home was still pretty accurate. Follow object mode worked well. Follow me seemed to work pretty well, but my phone was having some issues getting a GPS signal, which isn’t the drones fault.

All in all, I like this drone and I plan to keep it in my big fanny pack when I hike, mountain climb, or rock climb. I may even buy an extra one at some point for my wife or son to play with so that they don’t mess with mine. They are cheap enough and easy enough to fly. I hope that this review helps someone else out in making their decision.

Trent Crawford
Easy & Enjoyable, Recommended!

When I received the drone, I was really impressed with its size! When folded, it fits in the palm of my hand. I have had small frame drones before and usually within a few weeks their limited range and reliability became more of a burden. But since my first flight with my SkyHawk F22 I have been a major fan. Here is my breakdown:

Travel case - This was included in my purchase, and made transporting the drone simple. No worries about bending the props or landing feet. It has storage for the drone, remote, 3 batteries and a zipper section for cables and papers. Packed up, it is about the size of a school lunch box.

Manual - The instruction booklet was easy to understand and outlined the important details. I kept it packed with the drone and found myself referring back to it several times to make sure I understood how each function worked.

Drone - Great size for beginners to experienced users. It is easy to unfold and be ready to fly in just a few movements. Unfold the arms, press the power button, and you are ready! Has micro Sd slot for inflight recording and pictures if you are not using the app to do so. The folding blades are a lifesaver. It recovers well if you happen to run into something or clip a tree limb. I accidentally ran into a radio tower and it bounced off and only fell about 10 feet and recovered on its own. The blades are easy to replace just in case.

Control - Compact and foldable as well. Unfolds to a comfortable size and has a spring-loaded mount to hold your phone when using the app. Buttons are marked and easy to understand. Camera controls allow you to tilt the camera straight down or straight ahead, or anywhere in-between.

App - Many features, you can access the auto features from the flight screen. Also has a flight log which will record your flight height and distance. I enjoyed being able to see how high I was actually flying. Also available are the pictures and videos that you record during flight through the app. My favorite was the GPS flight screen, which allows you to see your current area via a satellite picture. It draws a circle on that screen showing you the available flight area to which you can assign waypoints and send the drone on an "unmanned flight". You can adjust the size of the circle in the settings. Ie: you can limit how high and how far the drone is allowed to go. This feature was great when I was learning how to use the GPS flight feature.

Flight time - This varied depending on current wind conditions and use. On a calm day, I could get 15 minutes or so, on an EXTREMELY windy day, I only got about 8. (That being said, the little drone did a really good job in trying to stay stationary, but I would suggest not flying in really windy conditions. You risk having a gust push it into a tree, etc.)

Camera - I attached a few pictures from the unit. While the F20 has a better camera, this one isn't bad at all. I suggest slow and steady movements for video recording and calm winds for picture taking.

Overall I have been extremely satisfied with my purchase and would suggest it to others. I went ahead and purchased 2 extra batteries for my unit and I try to fly it daily. Their customer support department has been great as well. Answered my emails within 24 hours, an extreme plus!

Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Tom S.
SkyHawk F22

This drone is pretty cool. I must admit though I'm new to drone flying and it was a little intimidating at first. I would suggest watching videos on the basic flight operation first as that helps and not be in to much of a hurry to master it right away. Here is a pic if anyone was wondering about it's size.

G Parish
Good drone for the money

This was my second SkyHawk drone. This is a great flyer and takes good quality pictures and videos. It has neat features like follow me and hand motion pictures and videos. It took a little bit for me to learn how to calibrate it, but once I figured that out it was easy to fly. SkyHawk has great customer service. They were very helpful and sent videos for me to learn more about calibrating, wifi range testing, and others. Overall I would recommend this drone.

Marvelous little tool Simple elegant good quality & very good customer support

Amazing little thing!!! I like it right off the box the functionality & looks of the drone. It is perfrectttt for my needs and is quite simple & easy to fly for any rockie like me. Quality is excellent of movies and pictures.
Prior to each fight u have to do a few steps to align it, connect to the phone and connect to the controller & ur smart phone
. I really like the Return To Home feature. When the drone gets so far out I cannot see it, I press that key and shortly thereafter it flies back to me. I can press the button again and continue the flight. The movie files are large, huge even. They are not something that can be emailed to a friend. The flight time of about 15 minutes is okay, but I wish it was longer. I guess that would mean larger, heavier batteries. I got a second battery, so I can land the drone, replace the battery and start again, after going through the entire set up ritual again. The battery charging set up is unusual in that there are two components and two cables that all have to be linked together before adding the battery. It charges from a USB connector. The charging is faster than the time listed.
I am happy I bought it, a great fun way to remember my flight school lessons. I recommend this over all the other Drones any time

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