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We use this as a baby noise machine. Just load up sound tracks - rhymes, play music, sleep music, white noise etc.. and skip all the other stuff marketed specifically for babies!! Long battery life, sound quality is really good (for what we need it for), size is very convenient and portable, uses charger that virtually everyone has!
I have been using this for ~12-15hrs a day, every single day for almost 6months. No complaints!

Good for the price

Good value for the money. Not outstanding sound but good enough. I charge after an hour of use, but can't find any battery level indicator. Reconnects quickly to the same device, but a little trouble switching between devices...can be done timing needs to be just right.

Christy Rawls-Gelert
Can't be beat

Works great! Bought this so I can enjoy some tunes while camping. Tried it out a few times around the house and it seems to give great sound, especially for the price. I also love that although it's bluetooth, it has the ability to be used with a headphone jack as well for those devices that are not bluetooth enabled. Believe it or not, I do still have a few things (mainly an ancient portable DVD player) that require a corded connection. For $20 I'd say it can't be beat.

Works well with and echo dot to amplify Alexa.

I am very happy with this little speaker. I use it in conjunction with my Echo Dot. Sound is fairly loud but not enough for a party. Compared to my JBL Flip4, this speaker does not hold a candle in bass or volume, because remember it is a tiny speaker. But in price and convenience it soars! Connecting to Bluetooth was quick and easy. The materials feel decent. The controls are easy to use.

Overall I recommend this speaker. For Alexa or small room entertainment, with an affordable price this is the choice.

Jake Blues
Great sound from a little box

I use it as a sleep machine connected to a bluetooth device (sleep machines with the sound of a waterfall..... I would have to go to the bathroom so much listening to that!)

Its not powerful so it wont work for a dance party or even be heard over today's "indoor voices". But it sounds real good. Not high pitch light the tweeter that is supposed to pass as a speaker in a smart phone.
The battery seems to last through three full nights of sleep and on the fourth it gives a low battery warning tone.

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