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Love this item

Love this item. Really sturdy. Holds both my phones with cases (not at same time).
iPhone 6 Plus
Samsung Note Edge

Mau A.
Five Stars

Great Buy! Thanks

Great for on the go filming

Fits my iPhone7 with case very snugly. Have not had any issues with the phone wobbling or becoming loose. Just make sure you have tightened all screws like you should with any camera mount.

Great for putting a iphone7 on a shoulder rig to get some nice easy high fps clips.

Truly Pocketable Tripod

There are many different kind of tripods catering to professional, serious hobbyist and amateur photo/videographers. There is one type that is of interest to me; the light weight pocketable tripod that can utilize different attachments to broaden it's utility.

The Charger City's Mini Tripod is one recently evaluated. It came as a package that included a small black foldable plastic tripod, a metal tripod adapter and a plastic smartphone holder.

The tripod is a well made foldable lightweight plastic device that when folded is only 4.5 inches long (not including the standard 1/4 inch - 20 attachment screw), and makes a good grip for a smartphone or small camera. When the legs are spread out, the tripod provides a stable base with 3 inch elevation for the attached device. I would not feel comfortable using this for a full size DSLR camera, better choice would be a more rigid and wider base metal tripod.

A right angle black metal tripod adapter is provided for attaching to the tripod via its 1/4 in. screw. There are two attachment screw holes on the horizontal base, giving attachment choice. The vertical part of the adapter has a knurled nob screw with self retaining washer (so it will not fall off when not attached), for attachment to the smartphone holder. All parts are made of good quality materials with good finish.

The phone holder is the common spring-tension adjustable plastic clamp with protective rubber linings to protect the naked or cased phone. Maximum width of the phone should be no more than 3.5 inch. Construction quality is good.The two attachment screw receptacles have metal inserts for attachment to the right angle adapter.

The negatives have more to do with personal preferences. For the phone holder, a scew-adjustable clamp rather than spring tension type would be better, as the former would allow variable pressure adjustment while the latter depends on factory set tension which will likely weakens over time risking the phone falling. I would also like to see angle adjustments of a ball joint.

In summary, this is a well made mini tripod kit that is truly pocketable, appropriate for smartphones and small cameras.

The attached photos including one from the Seller's site have annotations to help clarify the descriptions.

Sample provided with no conditions attached. Time invested, including photos and annotations far exceed value of the product. Purpose of doing them is to satisfy personal curiosity, fun and may also help others who may find them useful. Readers have to draw their own conclusion. Thanks for reading the review.

Jeff Cohen
Works great and fits my mic stand perfectly

Works great and fits my mic stand perfectly. My only recommendation would be to make an easier way to get you phone/devise in and out of it. Its super tight and feels like you're going to break the plastic.

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