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Lance Halle
Vortech VC500 One Touch Video Capture Device

For years we have wanted to transfer our family VHS tapes to DVD to archive and share. It had required special video cards, and expensive editing software. NOT ANY LONGER !!!! This capture device is not only very inexpensive, it also works perfectly! Easy to install (hook up to USB port and connect VCR). The software and drivers install automatically from the supplied disk, and you are ready to go.

For the price, and performance, this is a smok'n deal.

Professional Product Review Service
Does everything I need and more.

This thing does exactly what it said it would and does it well.

I use it a few different ways -
1. I use it to transfer video from my MiniDV tapes (played through my camera in real-time) to my computer so I can edit footage later. The transfers work just fine, like any other cable transfer.

2. I use it to CAPTURE live recording from my MiniDV camera to my computer without using tape. I mean you can capture straight from the camera to the computer even if there is no MiniDV tape in the camera. This means that you don't have to playback any tapes in real time just to get the footage onto the HDD. This is a very handy feature, especially since newer technology like SD cards and Compact Flash have made videography so much easier. Using the cable in this manner, I was really able to learn exactly how much of a pain in the butt it is to deal with MiniDV tapes. Of course, I cannot always use this set-up, like outdoors for instance. But indoors with more of a 'studio' set-up, this cable makes it easy to bypass the need for tapes.

3. I use this cable to capture video from other devices, like my XBOX 360, for example. Capture straight from the XBOX to the computer HDD in a digital file. It's too easy. The software is pretty straight-forward and the learning curve is pretty low.

A. G. Lau
Great for Digitizing VHS. Use the "DVD" quality compression setting!

Great for a quick an easy way to digitize videos from VHS!
Just download the latest drivers and install them and you are good to go.
I've digitized 20+ VHS without any problems.

Note: When selecting the video compression, use the "DVD Quality" setting. This uses up a decent amount of disk space, but was the best bang for the buck. The other video setting look pretty horrible even though the file sizes are smaller.

Also, when recording VHS, if you have a dual monitor setup, do not move the program across the monitors. That will cause the recording to stop.

Easy to use and does exactly what it’s meant to do!

Super easy to use!
Stop shopping around this Is the one to get. It comes with a video editing software that is amazing. It helps make shaky videos stable and much more adjustments.

I started transferring all my mini DV cassettes to digital,

I’m extremely happy with this divice!

Works well on Windows 7

This product has had a mixed bag of reviews. For me, the VC500 worked extremely well for conversion of VCR tapes to online files.

My hardware setup is as follows: Quad processor with 8GB of memory running 64 bit Windows 7. It is a normal home machine but modern - only a year old. It is my belief that one needs powerful hardware for VCR tape conversion and don't do anything else online at the same time.

I plugged in the Vortech hardware, loaded the driver and other software and all just worked. I agree with other reviewers that the manual is a waste of time. Half of it is how to load the software. The other half is a so-called description about what the controls do. What is missing is help on how to get the task done - ie should you use NTSC or PAL? And there are 8 output choices - what is best to use for what? Etc.

I did contact Vortech technical support by email before purchasing the product to find out it it was useable with Windows 7 because their website says it isn't. I got a fast response with almost the correct answer - I was told yes, Windows 7 was okay but I would need to download more software from their website. Turns out the software CD did have the latest software.

The video program Ulead from Corel is included with the VC500. I am not experienced with this type of software so I do not have a good basis of comparison. I tried Ulead and it seemed to do all the things required. But so does Microsoft's Movie Maker supplied free.

(Written later) I did find that Microsoft Movie Maker does not handle voiceovers - ie ability to have voice and music as the "soundtrack". ULead has the advantage here.

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