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Jon Michael Gibson
Comparable to Airpods

I've had a set of Apple Airpods (no longer hold a charge) and a have a set of Apple Airpod Pros. The Pros work excellent, so much so that I depend on them daily now that I'm working from home because of Covid. The problem I had is that occasionally I can't find them because I use them all around the house. I bought these Lasuney Earbuds to keep at my desk so I wasn't scrambling to find my Airpod Pros all the time.

The Lasuney Earbuds completely exceeded my expectations. From a sound quality perspective, honestly, I can't tell the difference between them and my Airpod Pros but maybe someone with a better ear could. They don't have the range (maybe 5-10' less) of the Airpods but that is seldom a problem for me. Also, they don't show the little animation on my iPhone when I first connect them like the Airpods do. I've asked people on the other end of the line how I sound when I speak and every time they've said I sound excellent.

So, in conclusion, I'm not sure that I'll buy another pair of Apple Airpods because they are so expensive ($229), considering they only last 2-3 years because the batteries wear out. At $29, I'll buy multiple pairs of these instead. Well worth every cent.

Great earbuds for the price

Bought these fro my husband and I because I was tire of untangling my earbuds. They were easy to set up and the sound quality is great. My husband uses them for phone calls more than I do and he said they're great. I had problem where one of them was not getting any sound. Took a little time, but I figured out how to re sync them and they're fine. I have had them for weeks, usually wear when working out an hour a day and I have only charged once.

Gorgeous, high quality iPod alternative (at a better price)!

I’m a huge fan of ear buds and have tried many (both wires and wireless). These have a high end design esthetic, and have a quality construction. Buttons on both pods provides more functionality and the audio quality was indistinguishable from more expensive alternatives.

My only complain is the lack of wireless charging — hope they will consider that feature in future models.

Update: battery seems to last more than 4 hours so far. You get a voice prompt when battery runs low about 2 minutes before they shut down. I wish the pods had some sort of volume control — that was a feature miss.

Kyle Osborne
Great true wireless earbuds, comparable to AirPods, at a fraction of the cost!

I purchased these earbuds for my daughter's birthday and she absolutely loves them! The sound quality is exceptional, they connect to all her devices effortlessly via the 5.0 Bluetooth which can be connected from simply opening the case, have a great range that allows her to bounce around the house without the need to move whatever device she's connected to around with her, and the lengthy battery life allows her to use them for hours before requiring a charge. The convenient case charger is impressive as well. It provides sleek storage that prevents her from losing them, which is a common habit of hers, and enables her to charge them on the go many times over because of its internal power bank that retains a charge for instances when an external power source is unavailable. The water resistance feature gives me peace of mind, too, about proper function after a decent amount of water exposure because she tends to find creative, or downright careless, ways to test the durability of all her toys and electronics. She loves the look and says they're surprisingly comfortable and likes that she can listen with just one earbud in to hear whats going on around her but as soon as she takes the other out of the case to listen with both ears, it automatically connects seamlessly. She's still working on memorizing the one-click manipulation functions, but loves that she can skip through, pause and play her music, answer and end phone calls, and access Siri on her iPhone. Great earbuds with all the bells and whistles and I highly recommend them!

I was super impressed with how great they sound!!!

These fully wireless headphones are very similar in design to Apple's Airpods. However, at merely a fraction of the cost they deliver excellent build quality and functionality and best of all sound fantastic.

I am a professional musician, and while this by no means makes me some kind of audio expert, I do really appreciate when the audio from a pair of headphones sounds really good. I own several truly wireless earbuds and I've always thought the others sounded just fine.....until I got these. These little guys truly sound fantastic with an excellent balance of highs, mids and lows. The part that was the most impressive to me is that they produce an excellent amount of low end without being overbearing and too "bassy". Everything from podcasts to jazz to hip hop sound great when listening to it on these. They sound great not only for the price (which is very reasonable), but they just sound great period.

They are very well built, come in a compact little charging case, and are comfortable to wear in ear and also are easy to setup. The battery life is great on them ( I fell asleep with them on while listening to a podcast and when I woke up the battery was still at 80%).

If you are looking for an excellent as well as affordable pair of wireless headphones these little guys are an excellent choice.

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